Director's Message

"We first came to Kachchh in 2001 after the heart-rending earthquake that had left millions of people homeless and devastated. The tragedy was huge and instant assistance was required. We immediately initiated the task of relief and rehabilitation to alleviate their suffering. Realizing the need to reinstate education in the area and to bring the children out of the trauma, many stop-gap schools were set up by Veerayatan in the region and various vocational training centres were also initiated to empower the local people. To promote and support education at all levels, Veerayatan then established many permanent centres of learning in Kachchh.

Since we wanted to support the region on a long-term basis, we felt that technical & professional education could bring about the much-needed growth and employment for the local youth. To make the most out of the tremendous industrial development that the region of Kachchh saw post-earthquake, Veerayatan began the first Pharmacy degree college of Kachchh in the year 2005. Next, the colleges of Computer Applications and Business Administration were initiated in 2008.The journey of shaping up the better futures continued by initiating an extraordinary Engineering College in 2010. Our aim is not only imparting the best of education but also to develop wholesome personalities of the students. The atmosphere in the colleges encourage independent thinking and inspire students to contribute for the betterment of the society from a very young age.

The mission of Veerayatan is to empower people to enhance their talents and give back to strengthen the society. And this is what we aim for our students: Be powerful and make others powerful.

- Sadhvi Shri Shilapiji